Startup Challenge

Kickoff Begins May 9, 2016

Meet Your Accountability Partners

Two savvy CEO's are leading you on the path to smart entrepreneurship in 31 days.

Kim George

Blogger + Strategist, YourChicGeek.com

Kim George is the founder of YourChicGeek.com, a blog that teaches small business entrepreneurs how to build an impactful online presence for growth and client attraction. Kim has curated amazing (and affordable!) resources for this 31-day challenge. You'll be navigating the internet and leaving impactful digital footprints as you go.

Shannon-Baylor Henderson

Content Developer, ImShannon.com

Shannon Baylor-Henderson is the brain behind the writing business, ImShannon.com, where she helps people write stories that sell their ideas and create lucrative opportunities. Shannon's goal is to make you look good on paper (or the computer screen). She'll be providing you with tips on how to tell your story, position it to gain positive attention and use it to make money.

If you've struggled to get your idea off of the ground, then this 31-day challenge is for you! 

The idea of entrepreneurship can be so exciting!

  • You'll get to set your own hours.
  • You'll pick your own clients.
  • You'll use your talents in a way that earns money.
  • And of course, you won't have to practice the perfect "I'm sick" phone call to get out of going to work on Monday morning.

Being your own boss certainly has its perks and benefits. That's why you've toyed with the idea of entrepreneurship for so long.

  • Maybe you've gotten as far as tinkering with your blog or website or getting some ideas for your logo.
  • Or perhaps you've even gone to a few motivational conferences and read the best-selling books of super-amazing self-made millionaires.

But... something hasn't happened...

  • You're still not working from home.
  • You're still not setting your own hours or pricing your own gigs.
  • You're still not the CEO of your idea.

What the heck is going on?

The truth is, you've struggled to start-up! What are you supposed to do first? Who should you be connecting with? What's an editorial calendar for your blog? What's a domain name? How much should you be spending to get everything in order?

Geesh! That's a lot. But don't worry. We've got you covered...

This free 31-day challenge helps you navigate through the questions & fears about getting your idea off the ground and getting closer to full-time entrepreneurship.

How the magic happens...

Here's what this FREE challenge offers you:

  • A 31-day plan of action: what to do each day to get closer to your dream (including links to reputable resources to knock out the task)
  • Accountability via email: We'll check in with you to monitor your progress, motivate you and keep you going
  • A Google Hangout session with other budding entrepreneurs to get feedback, share success stories and gloat about your amazing accomplishments

But wait! There's more (we just had to say it)

  • You'll get exclusive access to our downloadable workbook filled with templates, guides, worksheets and motivational tools to keep you moving in the right direction.


Join Us for the 31-Day Challenge!

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